Fair OOTD: First Day in Prague (And Some Life Updates)

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Outfit details: Monki top (not fair fashion, sorry!), Kings of Indigo Anna Cropped Jeans, Flying Tiger Totebag, Ethletic Fair Trainers

August has been quite an interesting month for me. Earlier this month, my boyfriend and I went on a 10-day trip to Prague, the famous capital of the Czech Republic. The trip was, for lack of a better word, wonderful – we spent the majority of our time sightseeing, hiking, thrifting and trying local dishes. It was a much-needed vacation, and we’re glad that we made time to do it.

We took these pictures on the very first day of the trip, almost right after we got off the plane. We were a bit lost in the city center, but it was sunny, my outfit looked nice and we were both excited to be in this beautiful, new place, so we decided to take a few OOTD pictures.

But speaking of being lost (literally), I have to admit that I’ve also been feeling that way, in a metaphorical sense, which brings us to the life updates part of this post.

On the last day of our vacation, I received the news that I’d passed both my Master’s thesis and internship, meaning that I’ve officially completed my Master’s program in Language and Society! The graduation ceremony is not until October, but practically speaking, I’m now a Master’s graduate.

It’s obviously great, but it also means a lot of uncertainty. I mean, for literally the past 16 years, I’d had this step-by-step plan in my head. Finish school. Get a Bachelor’s degree. Apply for a scholarship for a Master’s program. Complete the Master’s program.

But life after that isn’t so neatly planned out. I know that I want to find a job and I’ve definitely been applying to interesting opportunities that fit my qualifications. But I’m also going through this period of intense but necessary mental discussions with myself. What do I want to do in the next few years? What do I want to accomplish? Will I be okay? It’s almost like I’m trying to devise a new plan while keeping in mind that life after college won’t ever be as clearly and neatly mapped out as it was before that.

I’m not gonna lie: it’s a bit scary. Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer things to be absolutely certain. But if the past few years have told me anything, it’s that uncertainty helps us to figure things out. It forces us to have discussions with ourselves to find out where we are supposed to be.

So instead of panicking, I try to consider different options and possibilities. I also remind myself that it’s okay to have fun from time to time. No matter how scary it is, this period of my life will one day end. I have the choice to either get caught up in my own fears or enjoy the ride while I still can.

Most importantly, I find it necessary to put my “problem” into perspective. Being able to worry about what to do after graduating, and even to have access to higher education itself, are privileges.  So even though my “what to do” worries are valid, I have to admit that it would be ridiculous, not to mention unproductive, to dwell on them too much.

I’m still slightly worried, but also excited to find out what’s next. After all, if getting lost in a foreign country can lead to some cool OOTD pictures, getting lost in a metaphorical sense might just lead to something good, right?

Have you been in the same boat? Got any tips and tricks for this fresh grad? Feel free to leave a comment!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset